FLEECE – Do You Wanna Party [Video]



FLEECE – Do You Wanna Party [Video]

When Montreal’s four-piece FLEECE asks, “Do You Wanna Party,” then the only possible answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ The instant feel-good catchiness of FLEECE’s new song is matched by its friendly and laidback vibe. This is a party everybody can enjoy, and you’re granted a really good time. Add a joyful, groovy vibe and beautiful, warm vocals, and here you have your new favorite song of the summer of 2023. It surely is mine! Asked about their new single, vocalist/guitarist, Megan Ennenberg says:

“This song came from a desire to stop thinking and just feel. To prioritize the body’s instinct to wiggle instead of rationalizing or overthinking so much. The instinct to move is the path to a special form of freedom, one that’s always inside you. It’s an invitation to use that moment and movement to remember that your body is your own home, your own place. As well as an invitation to join the FLEECE world of simple, colourful fun, and get dancing and party with us!”

“Do You Wanna Party” is accompanied by a brilliant music video that is as exuberant and enchanting as the song itself. Definitely watch the Dylan Mitro-directed clip, and listen to “Do You Wanna Party,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with FLEECE and add “Do You Wanna Party” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

Photo Credit: Dylan Mitro

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