néomí – Your Girl [Video]




néomí – Your Girl [Video]

“Your Girl” is about the complexities of relationships – a topic that is front and center in the work of Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter néomî. But this time, the song comes “not from a place of sadness, but a place of anger.” Anger about the pressure to please someone else and lose yourself over it. The situation is tricky because there are always tender moments, as beautifully visualized in Philine van de Hul’s video.

néomi summarizes:

“So there you go: I’ve got another love song for you. Again, the song is more than just that, to me it has different layers so I’m not sure more words would help, just listen and find out yourself what you feel. Maybe one day we can talk about it 🙂 "

Listen to “Your Girl” on your favorite streaming service or watch the video below:

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