Lydia Luce – Florida Girl [Video]



Lydia Luce – Florida Girl [Video]

It’s been three years since we first got introduced to the amazing musical talent of Lydia Luce, and back then, the Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist was so kind to do a Q&A with glamglare, ahead of the release of her February 2021 album Dark River. Today, Lydia released her third album, the sophisticated and absolutely mesmerizing Florida Girl, out now via Nettwork Music Group, and Lydia says about the 10-track piece:

“I hope the album helps people along in their own healing journeys and reminds them that they’re not alone. I want to keep creating that safe space where we’re all free to talk about everything.”

Advancing in life, aka getting older, also often comes with more wisdom and better self-acceptance, as Lydia further adds:

“In my 20’s I didn’t like telling people that I was from Florida because I don’t always align with the politics. Now that I’m learning to accept all aspects of myself, I realize that I loved growing up in South Florida. It’s made me who I am. Naming the album Florida Girl is another layer of that acceptance.”

With that in mind, it makes even more sense that “Florida Girl,” the song, opens like a gentle caress, a soft breeze, something almost not there. But don’t believe the quietness because the day is followed by the night, and everything is always changing. How “Florida Girl” mimics this kind of flow and intensifies is exquisite. It all lies in the instrumentation because Lydia’s vocals stay the same: soft, reassuring, beautiful, and the result is something for the ages!

The accompanying video for “Florida Girl” features the artist herself, with a Florida backdrop and some soft animation add-ons, which do the stellar song justice. Filmed and animated by Grouch Bucket and edited by Jason Denton, the animations bring a sweet lightheartedness to the clip and make the video interesting beyond its atmospheric visuals. Listen to “Florida Girl,” our Song Pick of the Day, and enjoy the beautiful video too:

Connect with Lydia Luce and add “Florida Girl” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and YouTube:

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