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Q&A with HEATH

End of April, HEATH released their new EP “JUNE” from which we featured the breathtakingly beautiful “Brambles” as Song Pick of the Day. All four tracks on “June” are amazing and so we wanted to learn a bit more about this Brighton three-piece. Thankfully, HEATH took some time out of their busy[…]

Q&A with Mike Sal

When I came across “Beyond You And I” by Mike Sal earlier this year, I loved the track from the spot and featured it as one of glamglare’s Late Night picks. The song got stuck in my head for weeks and became an integral part of my favorites playlists. So it[…]

Q&A with The Landmarks

The Landmarks are a five-piece band, calling Ann Arbor, MI their home. They just recorded their EP “Challenge” in an old church near an abandoned train station in Detroit together with Gordon Raphael, former producer of The Strokes and Regina Spektor. While I often just skip over name dropping, ‘The Strokes’ (huge fan here)[…]

Q&A with I Am Snow Angel, anticipating her new EP

I Am Snow Angel is the solo project of New York artist Julie Kathryn. Her brand of electronic music is airy and effortless and her vocals enter your mind like a whisper in a dream. On stage she performs alone and you can see this live at Mercury Lounge Wednesday, when she[…]

Q&A with Lisbon

Earlier this year, I came across “Vice” by Lisbon, loved the song from the spot and made it our Song Pick of the Day! Still one of my favorite feel-good-tracks of 2016, I got more curious about this Newcastle four piece. With a brand new single under their belt, the more serious,[…]

Q&A with KYTES

After premiering KYTES‘ new video “I Got Something” last week on glamglare, I am thrilled that the hottest band coming out of Munich, Germany right now took the time to answer a few questions in our new Offstage feature. The four indie-rocker just arrived back home from touring Europe and also playing the maybe most prestigious (industry) music festival,[…]

Fred from FEWS shares with us his “5 Videos That Inspired Me”

Fred, singer and guitarist for Swedish-British-American quartet FEWS, fills us in the 5 videos that inspired him. I’m totally digging FEWS and am thrilled to… … LET FRED TAKE OVER: i’ve chosen 5 videos that makes me feel something. also the songs are fucking ace. ATOMS FOR PEACE – INGENUE this video[…]