TOP 15 SONGS of 2018 – Elke’s Picks



TOP 15 SONGS of 2018 – Elke’s Picks

What makes a great song? Better yet, what particular element(s) characterizes your favorite songs? Thinking about what to do for 2018, whether to compile a Top 10 album list, or a Top 10 song list or what not, I realized that among all my favorite songs for the passing year are some tracks that truly stand out. And surprisingly, for me, they all stand out for different reasons, be it for their structure, lyrics, catchiness, rhythm, progression, vocals and what not – all our 365 Song Picks of the Day in 2018 are awesome, yet these are my favorites and Top 15 of 2018. Enjoy!

There is one song, if hard pressed to name a number one, it would be “Knife Skies” [1] for its unusual beat, for rock music anyway (a waltz), and the fantastic vocals. And then there is a close second, a track I knew I would love throughout the year from the first moment I have heard it, “Edison” [2]. The progression is just so sublime. Catering to my nostalgic feelings is “Charli” [3], full on beautiful!

When I was fortunate enough to hear a raw cut of “Darling” [4] before its release earlier this year, I started to cry, overwhelmed by its sheer beauty. The track moved me tremendously and it still does. Lyrics, vocals, arrangement… The reason why I love “The Boatmen” [5] is because it keeps me on my toes. I find it rather unnerving with its unusual instrumentation. It is magnificent how uncomfortable and then again not it can make you feel.

Release comes in form of “Love Talk” [6] and “Ache” [7], two incredibly catchy pop tracks that stay with you from turning in to bed and waking up again, right back into your ears again. Even if you haven’t listened to either of them for days, they turn up again unexpectedly. Crazy catchy and super good!

I love something dreamy as much as the next shoegaze fan and so, “The Ocean Bed”[8], is it, because this track hits all the right notes”. Gorgeous vocals, irresistible melody, catchy hooks… “Digital Sleep” [9] is it. Still after all this time! Where is something for the dance floor? Something to sing along with? A track to get truly excited about? “Hearbeat” [10] is the one!

“Silence” [11] has a rather interesting build-up, something you don’t see or more adequately hear coming. Then there are songs, that are simply awesome and it is impossible to pin point anything in particular. I tried for the better half of a year to come up with something but to no avail like “Quaterly Projections” [12] which is dark, dirty, and delicious. Simply listen to it.

“Flying” [13] makes you feel exactly like that or at the very least wanting to try. “Real Estate” [14] is a gorgeous folk pop track that hits all the right registers and “She” [15] absolutely needs to be in this list because  I knew it had to be ever since I listened to the song for the very first time.

Enjoy my Top 15 playlist of 2018 and check Oliver’s selection too:

“Knife Skies” – by Yukon Era from Aukland, New Zealand
Song Pick of the Day 10/04/18

“Edison” by Westerman, London, U.K.
Song Pick of the Day 05/11/18

“Hey Charli” by Dysplay, Los Angeles
Song Pick of the Day 07/14/18

“Darling” by GIRL SKIN, Brooklyn
Song Pick of the Day 04/16/18

“The Boatman” by Charles Fauna, Brooklyn
Song Pick of the Day 08/19/18

“Love Talk” by Mothica, Brooklyn
Song Pick of the Day 02/14/18

“Ache” by åMBe, Brooklyn
Song Pick of the Day 03/08/18

“The Ocean Bed” by Pale Houses, California
Song Pick of the Day 03/06/18

“Digital Sleep” by Von Sell, Brooklyn
Song Pick of the Day 05/05/18

“Heartbeat” by The Eiffels, Los Angeles
Song Pick of the Day 08/17/18

“Silence” by Little Grim, South London, U.K.
Song Pick of the Day 10/12/18

“Quarterly Projections” by Confuse Ray, Sweden
Song Pick of the Day 04/01/18

“Flying” by Pretty City, Melbourne, Australia
Q&A 03/05/18

“Real Estate” by Adam Melchor, Los Angeles
Song Pick of the Day 12/07/18

“She” by Yip Yops, Palm Desert
Song Pick of the Day 05/17/18

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