Favorite TOP 10 Albums of 2016 – Elke’s Picks



Favorite TOP 10 Albums of 2016 – Elke’s Picks

In 2016 I’ve listened to not only countless songs and EPs but also full length albums, and this is my personal list of favorite albums – records I played more than a dozen times minimum, in most cases so many more times. Despite being on the look-out of the next great song, there’s always enough opportunity and time to revisit the albums that really got me.

Guitar is hands-down my favorite instrument and so the majority of this list features different kinds of guitar driven music paired with alluring to gorgeous vocals,  interesting lyrics and everything else that is important to create a compelling album.

10 – The Lulls – “Island of Daughters”

November 25, 2016
Get “Island of Daughters” on iTunes.
Song pick “Bruise“, The Lulls live in New York at The Bowery Electric and The Delancey.

9 – The Beautiful Fear – “One”
May 01, 2016
Get “One” on iTunes.
Album review here.

8 – Facial – “Mistress”

February 12, 2016
Get “Mistress” on iTunes.
#3IsABand feature here.

7 – Ceasetone – “Two Strangers”

May 31, 2016
Get “Two Strangers” on iTunes.
Q&A with CeaseTone

6 – Desert Mountain Tribe – “Either That Or The Moon”

March 11, 2016
Get “Either That or The Moon” on iTunes.
#3IsABand feature here.


5 – FEWS – “Means”

June 03, 2016
Get “Means” on iTunes.
FEWS show photos and concert reviews from Iceland and Austin, TX.
Album review here.

4 – inc. no world – “As Light as Light”

September 09, 2016
Get “As Light as Light” on iTunes.
Song pick “Waters of You“.

3 – The Hecks – “The Hecks”

September 02, 2016
Get “The Hecks” on iTunes.
#3IsABand feature here.
Album review here.

Listen to “The Thaw”:

2 – HÆLOS – “Full Circle”

March 18, 2016
Get “Full Circle” on iTunes.
#3IsABand feature here.
HÆLOS show photos and concert review of Austin, TX and New York here.

Listen to “The Sun Rising:

1 – Pistols At Dawn – “See You Home”

November 04, 2016
Get “See You Home” on iTunes.
Song pick “Foregone Conclusion” here.
Video feature of “Please Report Anything Auspicious to A Member of Staff” here.

Listen to “Recline With Me” which is a perfect album opener if there ever was one because the track demonstrates in only four minutes the stunning beauty of the entire record:

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